FAQs Scratch Painting

What Is Scratch Painting?

Scratch Painting products feature bright colors and patterns hidden beneath a matte coating. Each scratch card features a foil layer of sketches. Using the bamboo scratch tool provided, scratch off the gray colored sketches, revealing a beautiful masterpiece underneath.

Why Choose Scratch Painting?

Many people find Scratch Painting the perfect way to de-stress from difficult life situations, heal from trauma, anxiety or cope with chronic pain. Others find it helps them recharge after a hard day at work or caring for family.Β 

Our kits feature premium, velvety scratch film that feels divine to scratch off, and beautiful, bright colors. When you buy from us, rest assured you are purchasing the highest quality scratch painting kits in the world.Β 

How Does It Work?Β 


What Should I Do With My Art Work When I Am Finished?

You can mount it with a picture frame hung up on the wall or display on your desk to increase the artistic atmosphere and decorate your home.Β These beautiful designs also make perfect gifts for family and friends.