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Koala Paradise - 70cm x 55cm Square Drill

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Welcome to Koala Paradise! Get ready to bedazzle yourself with our stunning 70cm x 55cm Square Drill adorned with Australia's cutest natives - koalas and rainbow lorikeets! Don't worry, we've got all the essentials to make your diamond painting experience a breeze - just grab the hand-poured glue canvas, resin square diamonds, wax, pen and tweezers, and the 'koala-ty' is guaranteed!

This product comes with:

  • Complete Square Drill Diamond Pack
  • Pen
  • Glue
  • Tray
  • Canvas

Our Diamond Canvases are made from high quality flannel canvas. Clear symbols are printed and strong clear glue.

Size -Β 70cm x 55cm Square Drill (Hand Charted)